Webex Contact Centre

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Creating customer delight.

What does customer satisfaction look like in the contact centre?

It’s simple:

Your customers get the answers they need, through their preferred channel, with astonishing speed. Wasted time and stress are a thing of the past.

Webex Contact Centre gives you the tools you need to make every customer interaction a delight, every time.

Core values

Built for the future of customer experience, with four core values at the heart of everything we do.

Delightful customer experiences

Digital-first engagements informed by customer experience management.

Let customers connect when and how they want — via chat, text, social, email, or call.

Flexible customisable platform

Next-generation, fully customisable platform.

Enterprise-grade, out-of-the-box ready, flexible cloud contact centre, from the market leader.

Intelligent super agents

Super agent intelligence for an intuitive agent experience.

AI-powered assistance and a new, modular agent desktop makes agents’ days a breeze.

Collaborative contact centre

Complete collaboration suite to engage your entire team.

All-in-one messaging, meetings, calling, devices, and more from a security-focused leader.

Customer delight

It’s not just a contact centre.
It’s a customer experience centre.

Webex Contact Centre lets your customers connect through their preferred channel — chat, text, social, email, or call. AI-powered voice and chat virtual agent give customers options for natural, fast, and easy 24/7 self-service — with a seamless baton pass to a live agent when desired.

Customer contact history at the agent’s fingertips ensures customers never have to repeat themselves, and agents are context-aware for every interaction.

Webex Experience Management surveys provide insight into sentiment and a consistent pulse on customer experience.

Delightful customer experiences

Built for digital-first customer experience

  • Let today’s digital-first customer connect their way — via chat, text, social, email, or call.
  • Natural, AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents provide options for fast and easy 24/7 self-service.
  • Agents benefit from complete customer interaction history in a single interface, regardless of channel — empowering them with full visibility.

End-to-end CX management

  • Close the feedback loop with Webex Experience Management.
  • Post-call surveys are delivered to the customer via text, email, or interactive voice response (IVR) to capture immediate feedback and proactively manage and measure customer sentiment.
  • Agents have real-time visibility into previous customer survey responses to personalise interactions.


Let customers connect on their own terms

Digital-first support means customers are free to reach out through whichever platform suits their lifestyle.

New text (SMS) and social channels for today’s digital-first customer.

24/7 self-service

Offer round the clock customer support with AI-powered voice and chat virtual agents

Customers can connect to support services however they like, whenever they like, switching seamlessly between virtual and human agents.

Agent tools provide complete customer history in one place, at their fingertips — ensuring they are context-aware and customer never have to repeat themselves.

Customer experience management

Optimise results and boost customer satisfaction

Collect valuable customer feedback with Webex Experience Management surveys, delivered straight to the customer via text message (SMS), email, or interactive voice response (IVR).

Empower customers to give immediate feedback on their experience, and agents to customise interactions based on their knowledge of previous customer experience ratings.

Super agents

Deliver exceptional customer experiences — every time

AI-powered assistance and a new, user-optimised agent desktop gives your agents everything they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Agent tools provide a completed customer history, all in one place and their fingertips, ensuring they are always context-aware.

They can also tailor interactions based on full visibility of customer feedback in the Webex Experience Management customer experience journey agent desktop widget.

Intelligent super agents

Intuitive agent experience

  • Agents have everything they need in a single consolidated view with the new modular agent desktop.
  • Smart customer interaction history and information via third-party application widget support.
  • Webex Workforce Optimisation promotes workforce engagement — including workforce management, quality management, and workforce analytics.

Super agent intelligence

  • AI-powered change and voice virtual agents deflect routine interactions and provide a seamless baton pass to human agents.
  • Visibility to customer feedback and communication history give agents full context to tailor interactions.
  • Remote agent support provides a seamless experience no matter where agents sit.
  • Agent Answers for context-driven turn-by-turn guidance.
  • Agent Call Transcription to aid with fast call wrap-up.

Agent desktop experience

Intuitive agent experience

  1. Omnichannel task list view
  2. Customer information
  3. Customer experience journey
  4. Mid-call features
  5. Agent profile

Proactive customer experience insights

  1. Customer experience journey view

Proactive customer experience insights

  1. Customer experience analytics view

Webex Workforce Optimisation

Workforce optimisation analytics

Analyse speech and desktop actions to gain insights. Correlate agent performance to net promoter scores (NPS).

Holistic view

One-click access to view, consume and act on data with more precision and less effort.

Powerful streamlined contacts filter

Find conversations quickly. Use core data and custom metadata information to build your filter and save it for quick retrieval later.

Engage your employees

Give live agents a voice with timely feedback loops and the guidance they need with gamification, evaluations, coaching and training.

Outbound campaigns

Improve agent productivity and overall business performance by letting agents spend more time interacting with customers and less time trying to reach them.

  • Increase sales and upsells
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve marketing campaign results

Outbound campaign management

List management
  • Call list segmentation
  • Agent selection
  • Data modeling
  • Prioritisation
Telephony dialling modes
  • Multi-skilling of agents
  • Preview dialling
Campaign runtime
  • Multi-phone contact strategy
  • Campaign chaining
  • State/time-zone-specific calling windows
  • Statutory compliance
  • Do-not-call lists

Flexible customisable platform

Open and extensible

  • Cloud provider-agnostic, microservices architecture provides enterprise-grade horizontal scalability, flexibility, and rapid feature innovation and deployment.
  • Drag-and-drop flow control builder puts customisation in the hands of the user and frees IT resources.
  • Open APIs allow for customisation of AI, data, media and desktop capabilities for ultimate flexibility.


  • Integrate with your preferred CRM and business applications including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, and more.
  • Cloud data analytics provide historical and real-time reporting and dashboards.
  • Agents can work from anywhere with full remote agent support.

Flow control builder

Customisation in your hands

A new drag-and-drop flow control builder puts customisation into the hands of the business user and frees up valuable IT resources.

Enterprise-grade horizontal scale

Microservices-based, cloud-provider agnostic platform enables dependable scalability and rapid feature innovation and deployment.

Singular, omnichannel routing simplifies interaction handling regardless of underlying queues, agents, channels, and skills.

Intelligently distribute calls across any number of sites and locations, with ease of integration that lets you work with the channels that suit your business.

Business application integrations

Seamless integrations

Access contact centre functionality from the business applications your agents use everyday, like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Agents benefit from seamless workflows, a unified experience and improved contact centre performance — all with less complexity.

Reports and dashboards

Improve efficiency with real-time and historical operational dashboards and reports.

Interactive exploratory and trend analysis to cross-analyse customer interactions and agent activity with business and financial metrics to help you find optimisation opportunities.

Brings together data from calls (ACD), virtual agent interactions, and more so you can analyse, understand, and manage your contact centre, and optimise for operational efficiency in new and innovative ways.

Fully customisable

API-first for a next-generation platform


Embed third-party gadgets and customise the agent desktop


Retrieve tasks, agent activities, queue details, reporting statistics.


Customise notifications and shortcuts.


Retrieve media captures for a specific interaction (voice, email, chat.)


Real-time speech-to-text transcription.

Complementary Webex calling, messaging and meeting tools

Connect agents to subject matter experts

Create a team that goes beyond the walls of the contact centre, powered by Webex calling, messaging, and meetings tools.

Extended calling options for Webex Contact Centre

New integration with Webex Calling plus Cisco PSTN options

Experience superior voice quality, accelerated onboarding, and easy provisioning via Webex Control Hub with Webex Calling combined with Webex Contact Centre.

Leverage Webex endpoints to receive calls from anywhere via the Webex app.